Saturday, January 6, 2007

Well, this is uncomfortable

(Copied from my blog)

Okay, here it is. Please note this is after 3 hour of cleanup and whatnot. I did a bit of gutting, some frogging, some tossing, you know. Anyway, here it is in my short little basement:
The dresser in the bottom right, also full of yarn. Elann Peruvian Highland wool.

That is a buttload of rubbermaids. Also, I realized a few things about myself and my "collection".
  • I'm entirely too fond of Debbie Bliss. It's creepy almost.
  • For the amount of socks I knit, there is no justification for the amount of sock yarn I have.
  • I really like anything variegated/handpainted/self striping. For lack of a better term, I'm a colour whore who is too lazy to change colours on her own.
  • I seem to really prefer wool over any other fibre.
These picis are also incomplete. There is more stash in tiny pockets throughout the house. Mostly it's my travelling knitting. You know what I mean, wee bags with WIP's in them just ready to go for a car ride.

That's about it kids. I won't be taking picis of the UFO's today. I'm spent, I really am. That was exhausting and more than a little embarassing. I can't imagine counting it like Ann does. My head would explode.

I'm going to go knit now. Because that's why I bought all that stuff, right? Bahahahaha, sure it is!


Cece said...

HA! I need to post my picture... it'll make you feel better - my yarn room looks like a freaking yarn store. And I have no clue on the number of UFOs....

uberstrickenfrau said...

My sista, you need to have a major de-stashing contest or something.Or open your own yarn store!:D

sunneshine said...

While my UFO pile is not too bad, this stash photo thing is a little disconcerting! You at least have all your yarn in one area - mine is stashed in little places all over my house and work. Just remember, we are all in this together....

Amanda said...

Trust me, all of us would have stashes that big, given different circumstances... although you definitely should win a prize for the most gigantic stash! Kudos to you!