Monday, January 22, 2007

getting through the ufo's

So it has been snowing here again! Which means more knitting! I have been trying to get all my ufo's taken care of before casting new things on! I did combing my grey box scarf and creme ribbed scarf into one piece, which will be donated to charity. I did not have enough yarn to finish either and really liked the colors together! Plus what you can't really see, is that the creme has grey flecks in it, making them really work together. This will be donated tomorrow! Two down. Then I frogged my black cashmere skull scarf. Its a long story, but the more I looked at it, the more I knew it would never be worn, so why spend more time on it! That makes three down!
So while we were watching it snow yesterday and mr.sunneshine was watching football - I finished the front of my peace fleece sweater. I have started the back, it should be done today and blocked tomorrow, so that I will have a cardigan to wear by the weekend! I am dying to cast on a new project, so I have to keep up my finishing!

And one week down without any yarn purchasing temptation! I actually had to go to all my favorite LYS where I sell my stitch markers and re-stock - no yarn for me! Plus I counted my stash - kinda - I stopped when I got to 900 skeins - didn't see any need to go on. That was plenty of guilt to keep me yarn-shopping-free for a while longer!

Have a great week!