Monday, January 15, 2007

My UFO's

Well.... the first day of the Bustalong is upon us! Good luck to everyone!

Here is a list of unfinished projects from me:

Tea Shawl
Figure 8 Shawl
Marmalade Jacket
Second Lace sock (from IK)
Weave in ends of baby blanket, and put on backing (or decide if I even want to do that)
Mom's 65th Birthday sweater (just started this week - so not an old UFO)
Bubble Scarf
Kitchner the toes of the socks for Andy
Put on the button bands of the pullover I cut into a cardigan last year
Fairisle Sweater from the Webs fairisle class (more likely that I rip this out then finish it)

I think that is it.... not too bad!

I'm more likely to start my Aran sweater out of my stash of Black Water Abby yarn than I am to finish any of the larger projects on that list, but I know I will at least finish my Mom's birthday sweater!

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