Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the 'stashio prescription

I'm a fairly new knitter and a pretty new stasher, and I find that I don't have a large yarn stash (in fact, it's downright wimpy compared to everyone else's!). I just have a small problem with reality, I suppose. I buy yarn for projects that I'm not really capable of knitting (either skill-wise or time-wise) and then it sits...or else I'm tempted by single balls of lovely yarn that I'm never ever going to be able to find a use for. At least these problems are not mine alone. And throwing it all on the floor makes it look even smaller.

Anyway, I just want to get through some of the projects I've been planning for the last, oh, year. Those would be

1. finish this clapotis for my brother's fiancee, and
2. knit another for me from the Noro Aurora I bought...a year ago
3. Wave and Shell shawl from that football of navy Schaefer Anne towards the left
4. Kiri shawl for my mom--I want to try it in Silky that outlandish?
5. Ella shawl for me! from the skein and a half of Schaefer Marjaana out in the corner there
6. Column of leaves scarf out of the pink variegated alpaca in the center
7. another Cozy, this time from black Silky Wool
8. maybe Lady Eleanor? That's what the Silk Garden is for, but I've never summoned up the energy for it.
9. Backyard Leaves scarf--I'd like to use up my Karabella Majestic for this one
10. Sizzle in Classic Elite Patina
11. a couple of hats from the Valley Yarns Berkshire
12. Sheldon the turtle (maybe using up some scraps)
13. a stripy felted bag
14. a cute washcloth or two

And a few more from some yarn that I bought 0nline a couple of weeks ago but hasn't arrived yet to make it into the yarn parade*...but we'll leave at this for now. My list feels undoable given time constraints (or at least ambitious for me), yet I can't stop adding to it (and my small but steadily growing yarn stash). I think the bustalong should be a good cure for my affliction!

*if you must know, for Rowan's Butterfly, the Child's Rainbow Scarf, and the Simple Knitted Bodice

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Kim said...

I also am a relatively new stasher, so your stash looks a lot like mine (although I admit I think I have a bit more due to inheriting things from others, and faulty memory). But I too, would like to nip this in the bud before, as my husband says, we have to move out of our own house! I also have Noro Silk Garden in my stash for Lady E! I'll be posting pictures hopefully this weekend!