Saturday, January 6, 2007

My name is sunne and I have a yarn problem...

Hello! I am so excited about the bust-along! I have a yarn problem - there is always a new yarn, project, something that I am sure that I need! I have a good sized stash at home and an equally good sized stash at work - yikes! Pictures will be up on Monday....I told my husband about this bust-along, and he is sure that I will not make it (not sure if it is really that I won't make it, or just his way to motivate me to knit through some of this yarn!) And I am sure that my LYS owner will have a heart-attack when I tell her about this....

In the UFO pile right now, there is (in order of starting date):
1. a cashmere scarf with intarsia skulls on either end (11 mos.)
2. the HushHush dress from knitty (4 mos.)
3. a twisted rib hat from Ann Norling (1 month)
4. a lace "warm shawl" from Galina Skaska (1 month)
5. the Everyday cardigan from Peace Fleece (1 week)
6. hiking socks from Halycon yarn (wick) (1 day)

The list of projects that have yarn already specifically purchased:
1. aran wrap from Philosophers Wool
2. Toasty toes and tiny toes socks from Interlacements
3. Print o'the wave stole from Eunny Jang
4. Gossimer shawl from Galina Skaska
5. Lace up Aran shawl from Alterknits
6. Fair Isle stocking from the holiday issue of Interlacements (at least 2, if not 5)
7. Lady Elenor's shawl from Scarf Style
8. Ene's scarf from Scarf Style
9. Rowan R2 shawl
10. Cable arm warmers from Lion's Brand

Oh, dear - these are the one that I have on the top of my head, and not even projects that I could make with other yarn in the stash - like all the pretty sock yarn just sitting there! So thanks for having me! I am so excited to do this and to see what everyone else is making out of their stash!!


prairiegirl said...

It's ok sunne. I'm right there with you. My name is PrairieGirl and I too have a problem...

Cece said...

I think we all should admit that we have a problem.

My husband also is betting against me making it the full three months!