Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another FO

This wasn't in my stash for very long, as I bought the yarn in December for a deadline at the end of January, but it is out now! (Well, its remains joins my stash of remains....) And I love it! This was a donation to the Red Scarf project: my first, but hopefully not my last! More details on my blog.

More stash gone

I finished the pair of children's socks using the two circular needles method. I knitted one sock at a time, I would have to really think about knitting them both at the same time. I used Patons 4ply patonyle yarn which knits up really nice and soft. As part of the January Knit4charities I had some knitted squares I had done a while back when we were going to breed our dog, but didn't, and as one of the charities for January was a dog rescue organisation, I decided to give them away as they could be put to great use now.
Dare I say it that I am going to try to knit a thing or two for each of the charities each month, that will be a great stash buster.

On the needles tonight are a pair of bed socks, this time I am getting ahead this is for one of the February charities.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sheldon and Socks

Okay, here are a couple more finished projects. Visit my Blog for more details!

Here she is, Miss Dashwood!

Or maybe the title should be Nonsense and Insensibility?

This is Miss Dashwood, which I finished last week but never got around to posting a picture of (oops!). I knit it in yummy Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton and traded the bobbles for eyelets and ribbon (a few more details on the blog).

In the upper right of the same picture is my next WIP, the dayflower lace scarf. It's moving pretty quickly. :) I'm trying to kick-start my knitting engines for a long project.

I've been tempted by a lot of yarn sales and find myself wandering over to loopyarn, Little Knits, and Nestucca Bay to load up the virtual shopping cart and then empty it out. Close, but I've been good! :)

Two more down...

So I have been working away on some old things and some new things! I finally finished turning my felted fabric sampler into the kable needle holder from Berrocco. I only loosely followed the pattern, but I am really happy with it. It has two pieces of ribbon sewn on the other side to keep it closed. And I have to say, it works quite well!

My Peace Fleece sweater, that I started on New Years day is also done! It is big and slouchy and I love it. It will never see much light of day, but I think it will get alot of around the house wear. It was so fun to knit and fast!! Plus, I kept plugging away at it. Usually, sweaters go in stages for me, but this one didn't. I think that means I am making progress at not creating UFO's!!

In celebration of these two finishes, I cast on the Pi R Square shawl from Elizabeth Zimmerman. It is moving quickly, and I would really like to have it finished for our Vegas trip in two weeks, so once I finish that I will go back to focusing on my last three old UFO's!

Have a great week!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Look what I did...

I finally finished my Irish Hiking Scarf! Just in time for the freezing weather again! It's nice and cozy!

And from my stash... I made my daughter a felted camera bag tonight to match a purse I made her last year!

My biggest accomplishment of the weekend though was this: Yes. I do realize it's only one sock, but it only took me about a day and a half to knit and I'm pretty proud of it! The yarn is a crazy colourway called Hot Tamale by Bernat Sox and it was in my stash! I just cast on the second sock tonight, but haven't gotten very far with it (so far not even the first row of ribbing is done, but that's what transit bus rides are for, right?)

Happy stash busting all!

Another Project out of the stash!

At the start of Week 3, I've decreased my stash by another 3 balls of yarn with this baby cuteness!

It's for a work colleague whose baby is due on Friday. Just needed to give EZ's Baby surprise sweater a try - and it is so much fun! It goes from this:

To looking like a very cute baby jacket:

The yarn is from my stash (yeah me!). I have a bunch of this sport weight yarn, as I was planning on making a fairisle sweater from it. Besides the fact that I have decided fairisle isn't for me, I didn't realize how much it sucks to do fairisle in superwash wool. But - for little baby clothes, it's perfect. I'm hoping to be able to find little truck buttons so I can send this off tomorrow.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ta Da!

Mock cable socks, off the needles and on my feet! Yay! Knee socks, here I come.

Progress report

I've finished a pair of socks from the stash - ta da!
I'm still working through the sweater that has been on my needles for a while now but I plan to focus on my official UFO from Feb 1st as it fits in so nicely with Lolly's Project Spectrum.
Slowly but surely the stash is reducing!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Add Two To The List!

Go to My Blog for the complete details, but here is one quickie finish job on my Broad Street Mittens:

and one project from scratch from my stash, the Monkey socks from the latest issue of knitty:

I'm happy to be cranking out the stash projects, and I'm enjoying taking a peek at everyone else's knitting! I have gotten ideas from you, including the socks that Kate made out of Cascade Fixation... I actually have some Fixation in my stash... I smell a copycat!

Yes, I am still knitting...

I finally wove in the ends on my clapotis a couple of days ago and knit up a baby hat--Miss Dashwood, with some alterations accomodate my dislike of bobbles. ;) I just want to borrow a baby to model it, but oh, well.

Right now, I'm working on the Dayflower lace scarf in super soft Richesse et Soie (an impulse purchase that took me a long while to justify). It's going well so far, and looks better than the first time I attempted it (and was doing my yarnovers all wrong).

Photos to come. :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hi from a new member

Hi everyone, I'm a little bit late but so pleased to be joining in the stash/ufo Bustalong!

I am a serious yarn addict, badly in need of stash busting. In 2006 I completed probably 20 FOs in total. This might sound good but in the same year I placed a quite astonishing EIGHTY TWO online orders for yarn. Add in various 'live' shopping trips to some real stores throughout the year and the total number of stash purchases in 2006 has got to be in three figures.

I feel faint and weak at the thought. And very guilty.

I have to bust some stash. I absolutely have to. Please help me, sisters.

Photos are coming soon.


Monday, January 22, 2007

Adding to the Pile of FO's!

So, the first day of the Bust-Along was a day off of work for me, and I made a few baby items for my friend's newborn baby- angora booties from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, the Five Hour Baby Sweater, and Baby Tart from Knitty. I am too lazy to add the links, so go to my blog if you want links to the patterns.

No, the picture is not blurry, the yarn is just THAT fuzzy! Cute!

Also, I hadn't bought the buttons for the cardigan at the time of the picture, but I totally have them now. Um, I haven't put them ON, but I'm sure I will. Any day now.
Then, I re-cast on my rainbow Jaywalkers and finished them last week:So, I have knit four items from my stash! I'm working on another pair of socks right now, and will naturally share when I'm done!

getting through the ufo's

So it has been snowing here again! Which means more knitting! I have been trying to get all my ufo's taken care of before casting new things on! I did combing my grey box scarf and creme ribbed scarf into one piece, which will be donated to charity. I did not have enough yarn to finish either and really liked the colors together! Plus what you can't really see, is that the creme has grey flecks in it, making them really work together. This will be donated tomorrow! Two down. Then I frogged my black cashmere skull scarf. Its a long story, but the more I looked at it, the more I knew it would never be worn, so why spend more time on it! That makes three down!
So while we were watching it snow yesterday and mr.sunneshine was watching football - I finished the front of my peace fleece sweater. I have started the back, it should be done today and blocked tomorrow, so that I will have a cardigan to wear by the weekend! I am dying to cast on a new project, so I have to keep up my finishing!

And one week down without any yarn purchasing temptation! I actually had to go to all my favorite LYS where I sell my stitch markers and re-stock - no yarn for me! Plus I counted my stash - kinda - I stopped when I got to 900 skeins - didn't see any need to go on. That was plenty of guilt to keep me yarn-shopping-free for a while longer!

Have a great week!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Stash flash and first FO -

Hi All - here's a peek at some of my stash - that's the box of sock yarn and the box of lace-weight yarn ;)

More details are over at my blog - as well as my first bust-along FO - massive quantities of spinning!

I got me an FO!

Yay. I'm so happy about this. I finally finished the We Call Them Pirates hat. It turned out great and hubby is really happy with it. I'm heading off to work on the mock cable sock and maybe watch a movie. Keep knitting guys!

Sorry it's blurry, we were gutting ourselves laughing while taking the picis. More details over on the blog.

Awesome job you guys!

Wow - we sure are all getting a bunch done! We aren't even at the 2 week mark yet (but close!).

And we have a button! Awesome!

I haven't made too much progress on my UFO's - but I have used up 2 balls of stash yarn, and started a pair of socks out of another! Go check it out on my blog.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Michelle here, and

here is my flash!

Hi, I'm Michelle and I have a problem. Too much yarn and too many good intentions gone bad. So above is the flash of my stash. Anal me had to organize by weight before I could post even though it means I am no longer eligible for the prize. My UFO is a poncho (which I must find before I can take pics of) that I want to finish in the three mos. So for me the biggest prize will be sticking to the rules! (Yes it is that bad!!!) I am doing good so far and did stick to the start date. Today I even went in and said goodbye to the girls at the LYS (we move to Ohio next week) and didn't buy anything! The real test though comes when I get to Cincinnati where I visited one store while on our house hunting trip. Great store but I found out last week it is the smallest one!!!! Lord, help me!!!!

one down, countless to go...

I finished my clapotis! Here she is, pre-blocking, in the dim bathroom light. I like this one better than the first one I knit, a few months ago--I think the bamboo yarn (I used SWTC bamboo) makes it drapier. And, as soon as I weave in those last two ends, she'll be on her way to my future sister-in-law. :) A little more detail here.

Right now, I'm casting on for Miss Dashwood using Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton. I think I'm going to skip the bobbles (just thinking about bobbles in cotton makes my hands ache). Wish me luck!

Here's some buttons

Ok, they're not fabulous, but maybe they'll do until someone much more creative than myself can figure out something fabulous!

Ancient UFO Done!

I dug this beauty out of my basket after years of sitting and made myself finish her last week. She is the Amy Vest from Jo Sharp Book 2, yes book 2. This is an old knit. More details on my blog. Now I need to start working on the second sock to go with several orphans. I have a hard time with the second sock of a pair.

yeah socks

i'm on FO fire! three in one week--whoot!!

clicky here for the details

Thursday, January 18, 2007


My UFOs old and new are posted on my blog. For my Bustalong challenge, I will try and finish up the two red baby sweaters (they're small, so I'll do both) by the deadline. I also have quite a few deadline knitting projects to finish, so this will be a busy first quarter of 2007. That's good, because I need motivation and a goal.


i finished my second project of the week! my days off work have certainly been productive.
behold, the Sahara sweater (well, at least the neckline area of it, anyhow):
you can see more pics and read all the thrilling details on my blog--go check it out!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Button, button, whose got the button?

It occured to me as I was updating my blog that buttons are fun. Buttons for blogs that is. Well I guess regular buttons that you use to fasten things can be fun too (I won't dare go into that little collection of mine).

I think that we need a button for this little venture we're all so bravely embarking on. Anyone out there know how to do that? I am completely inept at that kind of thing. I tried making one on a free website, but the thing ended up huge and funny looking! I thought that maybe one of you talented people would have some ideas!

UFO and Stash Baseline

I've given up trying to download pictures. I have them on my phone and the digital camera, but am having technical difficulties - later. This weekend I took inventory and want to get my baseline down for the first day, this is what I have and what I'm targeting.

UFOs (projects started):
1. Brown Sweater from 2 years ago (?) - just found it at the bottom of the pile. It's almost done - knit neck and finishing.
2. V-neck Sweater - back done, did the front this weekend, and on the first sleeve. Worried I might run out of yarn - only had 6 balls, so skipped
3. Jo Sharp Cardigan - back and front done, not sure if I like the yarn anymore - should maybe frog and start over with different yarn.
4. Jo Sharp Sweater - back done, worried about running out of yarn.
5. Orange Sweater - didn't actually knit it, but still working on installing zippers.

Stash Projects:
6. Green scarf - using Rowan tweed
7. Lace scarf - using pale blue yarn
8. Rowan socks - using random yarn - striped
9. Cable socks - using brown yarn
10. Starsky cable cardigan - cream yarn (or maybe brown tweed - depends on gauge)

Stash Yarn to Use - Projects Unknown:
11. Brown tweed yarn - cone, way too much of this - must find project
12. Red wool yarn - cone, made a sweater for mom - still have enough for two more sweaters
13. Dark grey wool yarn - cone
14. Grey cotton yarn - cone
15. Debbie Bliss Red yarn - possibly make another Jo Sharp sweater - depending on how many balls needed (only have 10).
16. Cream linen/silk yarn - 10 balls - no idea

Possible Frogged Projects:
17. Lilac cable sweater - made it a little too short, should just unravel and make a bit longer, might still need time to recover.
18. Red Rowan Cardigan - same thing, still wear it, but too small, should really redo it.
19. Cotton twist sweater - turned out awful - loved working with the yarn though. Need to take apart.

It seems like I have a lot of yarn, but a good third is for weaving, so doesn't count. I have more yarn that needs to be used, but this is the yarn that's been getting on my nerves and needs to be put to a use.

I must add it helps to read others lists, as I seem to be better off than I thought previously. I can stop kicking myself for starting yet another project, especially if it's a sweater. So that's where I am now, must just knit and knit and knit now.

Monday, January 15, 2007

One UFO down and One to go

I have completed one of the items I listed to be finished by April 15. The knitted squares I posted about on 14 January on my blog have been put together making 3 blankets for the mental health ward at our local hospital. I have also completed some baby items for charity using more of my stash (see blog 16 January).
The before picture of the squares and one completed is above left and the after picture of the 3 completed blankets is to the right.

UFO down...REPEAT...UFO down

sure, it's only a pair of socks, but it still counts, right? so, as long as i can resist the urge to cast on a new project, that leaves 14 or so UFO on the list. clicky here if you want all the dirty info on these bad boys!

My Little Yarn Problem

Hi Everyone, I feel like I should be joining a group called Knitters Anonymous. My name is Jan and I have an addiction to yarn. The picture on the left is my sock yarn stash. The other two are just yarn. I have quite a few ufo's and projects going. Lets see, I have two color-work cardigans half done, a Rowan jacket and a Jo Sharp jacket partly done, a Jo Sharp vest almost done, and I'm working on a lace shawl, 3 pairs of socks, a Debbie Bliss Cardigan, and a couple of pull-overs. There, I've come clean. I bet I've made some of you feel a lot better now, haven't I?

My first pictures - of my stash!

I just posted about my stash on my blog. It was bigger than I must be growing, or something. The photo set is available here.

Edited: Changed the photo from sock yarn to the entire stash.

Stash revealed

First of all here is my stash - a bag of sock yarn, yarn for projects and a whole box of leftovers from other projects and odd balls.

My UFOs include Aimee and my socks which are currently on the needles but they aren't true UFOs in the strictest sense of the word because I am actually knitting them at the moment, they have not yet been abandonned.

These are in fact my unstarted objects, a scarf from the pink/green silk, a sweater from the blue alpaca and Joy from Vintage Style from the dusky purple Yorkshire Tweed.And finally, my UFO for the project - my trellis scarf. I know this is a true UFO because when I mentioned it earlier my husband had no idea what I was talking about - and he bought me the turtle stitch markers. This will also tie in nicely with Project Spectrum because it is the perfect colour for February and March! I am now fully revealed to you all and may the needles have mercy on my stash!

My UFO's

Well.... the first day of the Bustalong is upon us! Good luck to everyone!

Here is a list of unfinished projects from me:

Tea Shawl
Figure 8 Shawl
Marmalade Jacket
Second Lace sock (from IK)
Weave in ends of baby blanket, and put on backing (or decide if I even want to do that)
Mom's 65th Birthday sweater (just started this week - so not an old UFO)
Bubble Scarf
Kitchner the toes of the socks for Andy
Put on the button bands of the pullover I cut into a cardigan last year
Fairisle Sweater from the Webs fairisle class (more likely that I rip this out then finish it)

I think that is it.... not too bad!

I'm more likely to start my Aran sweater out of my stash of Black Water Abby yarn than I am to finish any of the larger projects on that list, but I know I will at least finish my Mom's birthday sweater!

My stuff...

I have no idea what I am doing with this, or how it works...

I started a blog - but I am currently unable to figure it all out.

Some of my pictures are there and I will just work with that for the bash busting.

Please forgive the first time poster...


Sunday, January 14, 2007

In which I show my UFOs

Ok, not the greatest picture and certainly not the most exciting of UFOs to show off, nor the lenghtiest list, but here they are. All two of them in all their glory! Because of my up-until-recent certain compulsion to finish one project before embarking on the next, I only have two UFOs. My Samus is coming along nicely as I'm about 5 or 6 inches from the armhole division on the right front, and its been smooth sailing. I'm knitting it out of Sirdar's Country Style DK, which is a lovely, soft, friendly to use yarn. My Irish Hiking Scarf sits at about 28" long and I've just put in in my knapsack to take with me to work tomorrow. I'm using Ram Wools house brand Selkirk. It was the first time I tried dying wool and I used Kool Aid, so the scarf although somewhat scratchy (the label promises increased softness with each washing), does smell kind of yummy while I'm knitting.

My problem as mentioned before lies more in the "oooohhhh. I want to make that, and that, and that, oooh and one of those, and maybe that..." I've got so many projects I want to start! But first things first. I am committing to finish Samus and the IHS by April 15th. Should be easy peasy if I stay on track!

Some fes, some fis, some fums...

And hopefully one day, some FO's. I've joined the Stash and UFO Bust-Along and in the interests of full disclosure I am required to show you the following. Here are my pictures of what I need to get done or frog:

Left to right we have:

- Knitting Pure and Simple #241 - say 1/2 done?!?!?!?
- Coral Crossing - 2 sleeves - about 1/2 done
- CeCe - Phildar Onde - I'm thinking this will be a frog. Wrong yarn!
- Here Be Pirates hat - final repeats of skulls - home stretch
- Mock cable sock - on the heel flap of this one - second sock, yay!
- Noro blanket - love it, but omg, what a time committment.

Here we enter my blue phase:

- Ribbi Cardi - sleeves - 2 almost done Elann Highland Wool
- Fingerless Mitt - 1/2 first one - DB Cashmerino
- Spiral rib neckwarmer - merino angora - sooooo soft.

There, that is about it. There are of course some Dulaan items on the needles, one hat and one childs sweater. They don't count, those are my continuous knitting that I work on all the time. I never seem to have any problem finishing those items, just everything else. I wonder what that says about me psychologically?

Now, the KAL runs until April 15, there is no way on this earth that I'm going to get all of these things done by then but I'd be really happy if half of them were done by then.

There, I've flashed the stash, I've shown the WIP's, I am naked before you. Don't judge me too harshly. ;)

(copied from my blog)

Flash that stash

I have flashed my stash at Ruby Girl on the last two posts, the post on 14 January is showing my UFO's I want finished before April 15 deadline and the post on 15 January is my messy stash that I am comitted to finishing before the end of 2007. (the date and time here is 15/01/07 at 10.02am).

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Clearly I was mistaken...

It's obvious to me now that I don't really have a problem. Not a big one anyways. There's many out there with much bigger problems than mine. Here is the extent of my stash. You see? Not that bad all things considered. After all it all fits onto my bed.

I did a sort of inventory (just a rough one) and I only have 128 full balls of yarn. I will admit to having probably the equivelant to maybe 10 or so more small balls in partial amounts, but those don't actually count do they? I even found a couple of exciting balls of yarn I'd forgotten about so that was a lovely surprise!

Anyways, now the fun begins. Seeing as it's already almost 8:30pm and my bed is still covered and I haven't figured out a new storage system yet (and I do need one), I guess I should scoot off upstairs and start doing something with it so that eventually I can go to bed tonight!

Ta ta for now... and wish me luck! If they were books I'd just catalogue them and they'd be automatically assigned a home, but alas they're not and the Library of Congress nor the good ol' Dewey Decimal System can't help me out now. I just have to figure out a different way of organizing them.