Sunday, January 14, 2007

In which I show my UFOs

Ok, not the greatest picture and certainly not the most exciting of UFOs to show off, nor the lenghtiest list, but here they are. All two of them in all their glory! Because of my up-until-recent certain compulsion to finish one project before embarking on the next, I only have two UFOs. My Samus is coming along nicely as I'm about 5 or 6 inches from the armhole division on the right front, and its been smooth sailing. I'm knitting it out of Sirdar's Country Style DK, which is a lovely, soft, friendly to use yarn. My Irish Hiking Scarf sits at about 28" long and I've just put in in my knapsack to take with me to work tomorrow. I'm using Ram Wools house brand Selkirk. It was the first time I tried dying wool and I used Kool Aid, so the scarf although somewhat scratchy (the label promises increased softness with each washing), does smell kind of yummy while I'm knitting.

My problem as mentioned before lies more in the "oooohhhh. I want to make that, and that, and that, oooh and one of those, and maybe that..." I've got so many projects I want to start! But first things first. I am committing to finish Samus and the IHS by April 15th. Should be easy peasy if I stay on track!


tammy said...

I did and Aran out of the Selkirk and it did soften up a lot after washing. I gave it a gentle handwash in my shampoo followed by a short soak in warm water and my hair conditioner. Softened up very nicely, and it smelled good when it was dry.

The koolaid colour you got is really pretty!

LeAnne said...

How can I join this KAL??

prairiegirl said...

Tammy, thank you for the reassurance! I've been really worried about the scratchiness of this yarn so far!

Leanne,theWelcome Page for the KAL is here!