Saturday, January 20, 2007

one down, countless to go...

I finished my clapotis! Here she is, pre-blocking, in the dim bathroom light. I like this one better than the first one I knit, a few months ago--I think the bamboo yarn (I used SWTC bamboo) makes it drapier. And, as soon as I weave in those last two ends, she'll be on her way to my future sister-in-law. :) A little more detail here.

Right now, I'm casting on for Miss Dashwood using Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton. I think I'm going to skip the bobbles (just thinking about bobbles in cotton makes my hands ache). Wish me luck!

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sunneshine said...

I really love the colors - I am sure your future-SIL will love it. Plus, I love the way bamboo wears! It gets softer and better!!