Thursday, January 18, 2007


i finished my second project of the week! my days off work have certainly been productive.
behold, the Sahara sweater (well, at least the neckline area of it, anyhow):
you can see more pics and read all the thrilling details on my blog--go check it out!


aruni said...

beautiful color! it looks fabulous.

prairiegirl said...

Oh... that's gorgeous! I love the colour and the neckline, and the arms and the bottom... well, I just love the whole thing! And way to go! I can't believe you've already finished to of your WIP for this!

sunneshine said...

wow, that looks beautiful! and it fits you so perfectly! good job - and good work getting through the ufo's!

Cece said...

YOu are a FO goddess! And that is a rather 'busty' sweater for the bustalong.

Tee hee.