Tuesday, January 16, 2007

UFO and Stash Baseline

I've given up trying to download pictures. I have them on my phone and the digital camera, but am having technical difficulties - later. This weekend I took inventory and want to get my baseline down for the first day, this is what I have and what I'm targeting.

UFOs (projects started):
1. Brown Sweater from 2 years ago (?) - just found it at the bottom of the pile. It's almost done - knit neck and finishing.
2. V-neck Sweater - back done, did the front this weekend, and on the first sleeve. Worried I might run out of yarn - only had 6 balls, so skipped
3. Jo Sharp Cardigan - back and front done, not sure if I like the yarn anymore - should maybe frog and start over with different yarn.
4. Jo Sharp Sweater - back done, worried about running out of yarn.
5. Orange Sweater - didn't actually knit it, but still working on installing zippers.

Stash Projects:
6. Green scarf - using Rowan tweed
7. Lace scarf - using pale blue yarn
8. Rowan socks - using random yarn - striped
9. Cable socks - using brown yarn
10. Starsky cable cardigan - cream yarn (or maybe brown tweed - depends on gauge)

Stash Yarn to Use - Projects Unknown:
11. Brown tweed yarn - cone, way too much of this - must find project
12. Red wool yarn - cone, made a sweater for mom - still have enough for two more sweaters
13. Dark grey wool yarn - cone
14. Grey cotton yarn - cone
15. Debbie Bliss Red yarn - possibly make another Jo Sharp sweater - depending on how many balls needed (only have 10).
16. Cream linen/silk yarn - 10 balls - no idea

Possible Frogged Projects:
17. Lilac cable sweater - made it a little too short, should just unravel and make a bit longer, might still need time to recover.
18. Red Rowan Cardigan - same thing, still wear it, but too small, should really redo it.
19. Cotton twist sweater - turned out awful - loved working with the yarn though. Need to take apart.

It seems like I have a lot of yarn, but a good third is for weaving, so doesn't count. I have more yarn that needs to be used, but this is the yarn that's been getting on my nerves and needs to be put to a use.

I must add it helps to read others lists, as I seem to be better off than I thought previously. I can stop kicking myself for starting yet another project, especially if it's a sweater. So that's where I am now, must just knit and knit and knit now.

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