Sunday, January 14, 2007

Some fes, some fis, some fums...

And hopefully one day, some FO's. I've joined the Stash and UFO Bust-Along and in the interests of full disclosure I am required to show you the following. Here are my pictures of what I need to get done or frog:

Left to right we have:

- Knitting Pure and Simple #241 - say 1/2 done?!?!?!?
- Coral Crossing - 2 sleeves - about 1/2 done
- CeCe - Phildar Onde - I'm thinking this will be a frog. Wrong yarn!
- Here Be Pirates hat - final repeats of skulls - home stretch
- Mock cable sock - on the heel flap of this one - second sock, yay!
- Noro blanket - love it, but omg, what a time committment.

Here we enter my blue phase:

- Ribbi Cardi - sleeves - 2 almost done Elann Highland Wool
- Fingerless Mitt - 1/2 first one - DB Cashmerino
- Spiral rib neckwarmer - merino angora - sooooo soft.

There, that is about it. There are of course some Dulaan items on the needles, one hat and one childs sweater. They don't count, those are my continuous knitting that I work on all the time. I never seem to have any problem finishing those items, just everything else. I wonder what that says about me psychologically?

Now, the KAL runs until April 15, there is no way on this earth that I'm going to get all of these things done by then but I'd be really happy if half of them were done by then.

There, I've flashed the stash, I've shown the WIP's, I am naked before you. Don't judge me too harshly. ;)

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sunneshine said...

wow- there are some cool projects in there! Similar to you, there are some things that I continuously knit and always finish - and some that just sit!

Love the denim couch, too, btw!