Saturday, January 20, 2007

Michelle here, and

here is my flash!

Hi, I'm Michelle and I have a problem. Too much yarn and too many good intentions gone bad. So above is the flash of my stash. Anal me had to organize by weight before I could post even though it means I am no longer eligible for the prize. My UFO is a poncho (which I must find before I can take pics of) that I want to finish in the three mos. So for me the biggest prize will be sticking to the rules! (Yes it is that bad!!!) I am doing good so far and did stick to the start date. Today I even went in and said goodbye to the girls at the LYS (we move to Ohio next week) and didn't buy anything! The real test though comes when I get to Cincinnati where I visited one store while on our house hunting trip. Great store but I found out last week it is the smallest one!!!! Lord, help me!!!!

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