Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Button, button, whose got the button?

It occured to me as I was updating my blog that buttons are fun. Buttons for blogs that is. Well I guess regular buttons that you use to fasten things can be fun too (I won't dare go into that little collection of mine).

I think that we need a button for this little venture we're all so bravely embarking on. Anyone out there know how to do that? I am completely inept at that kind of thing. I tried making one on a free website, but the thing ended up huge and funny looking! I thought that maybe one of you talented people would have some ideas!


Cece said...

I had this great idea of a picture of yarn falling out of a picture of a 'bust' - but I also lack the technical skills on that front.

.jay.dee.dub. said...

how about a stash of yarn blowing up?

I might be able to whip up a few decent ones for you guys when I get home on photoshop :)