Saturday, June 30, 2007

Colinette Perugino Throw: a long project finally complete.

It took 3 months to make this throw, but at last it's finished! Lots more photos at

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Quick Update

Well, although I haven't posted here, I have continued to not buy any new yarn at all, and the only new yarn coming into my life is from sock clubs, and the socks are getting knit up as they come to me. I've been super busy lately, but have emailed Cece to talk to her about reorganizing for another 'go' at this. However, maybe people need a summer break? Thoughts?

Monday, May 7, 2007

Hey gang!

Sorry I've been so quiet... things have just been really busy!

Since the end of Round 1, I've bought myself a Bohus Kit! But honestly, no other yarn was bought. I kind of decided in my head that I'd start again at the beginning of May, but with a different focus. Since it's summer, and I have a HUGE amount of sock yarn... I went into my stash and dug out the primo bits. I have a bunch of Lorna's Laces, STR, Sweet Georgia and other wonderful hand dyed yarn..... and since it's so little, I tend to just let it sit there. I'm a member of 2 SOTM clubs - so I get my sock knitting fix off of those, and rarely pull sock yarn out of my stash.

I decided that I'm entering my Sock Era. I found 17 wonderful skeins of sock yarn, and that is what I'm knitting. I'm hoping to do a pair a week - which will bring me all of the way through the summer. I'll have the perfect summer knitting projects AND a wonderful new sock wardrobe for the fall.

Oh yeah - and my husband mentioned when he read this declaration on my blog that I could NEVER knit that many socks in 20 weeks, let alone 17 (because I've gotten on a work out kick - I've been working out about 10 times a week). I vow right here to NOT give up on working out, but also to definitely have 17 pairs of socks done in the next 20 weeks.

Anyone in with me? That brings us from May 1st to Sept 15th. You obviously don't need to do the crazy sock knitting, but continuing on with the stashbusting...

And I'm thinking a free yarn buying day thrown in there for 'souvenir' yarn during those summer trips.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

My last WIP from the first round...

It could have been the guilt from my last post - or maybe it was just in my horiscope - but this was a big finishing week for me. My Barbie was done and turned in (more on that in my blog -- or here later...), I have almost finished a pair of socks, and my hush dress from Knitty is DONE!! I started the original in October, which had to be frogged for reasons beyond my control. The new yarn came in March and now I am done!! I love it, it fits well and is flattering!! And it was my only WIP that didn't get finished in stashbusting - v.1. THere are more details on my blog! Now I am only doing small projects for a bit - I see lots of socks in my future!!

Monday, April 30, 2007

I fell off the wagon on Saturday...

Okay, first the yarn buying was a bad experience, then a LYS closed and had up to 70% off on the mounds of yarn that were left!! This is what followed me home - mia culpa! But really at 70% off - the sock yarn is Koigu, there is enough olive CashIroha from Noro for a cardigan, three bags of Noro Cotton/Cashmere/Nylon, a few pairs of addis, some Misty Alpaca Chunky, and Mission Falls 1824 cotton for baby hats... Now I will be good - I have the yarn, now I need to knit!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

wrap-up and report

I haven't blogged anything in about a month, but I have managed to finish a couple of things. I wish I had better pictures of Ella, because she was a great knit. She's much, much bigger than I'd expected, though! I had initially planned to leave out one set of increases to make it a bit smaller and, when it was halfway done, decided it was TOO ripped it back and made it the original size.
Anyway, here are some sneak peeks:

I was relatively good about yarn buying--I had one lapse, to buy yarn for a scarf for my fiance...But after the sanction was over, I bought a bag of yummy bamboo yarn. I'm not that sorry. ;) In total, I think I had 10 completed projects, if you count the little dishcloths I made as one, but most were relatively small: two shawls, three scarves, three hats, glove-mittens, and the one skein petal bib (plus a few dischcloths). I'm looking forward to plowing through some more of the rashly-bought single balls from before I knew how to build a stash and then starting some large projects, like sweaters, in the fall!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stash and UFO's

I did manage to finish one of my UFO's but I am still working on the blanket for #2 son. I had so much to knit while this was going on, like the 2ply Baby Christening Gown, which is beautiful. Would I do another one - maybe after I do a Baby shawl in fine yarn.

I didn't buy any yarn, except for the 3 balls of 2ply for the Baby Christening Gown, which was for the Wollongong Stitch N Bitch Annual Exhibition held in April.

I am still slowly knitting away at my stash, I will get some pure wool soon to knit for the Guardian Pharmacy Charity as these go to extrememly cold countries like Mongolia, other than that I really want to get the stash off my floor so I can go and buy new beautiful yarns, expecially from CRK Daisy Design's Shop at Fairy Meadow (NSW Australia - a suburb of the City of Wollongong).

Over the last few months watching how everyone did, it is amazing how beautiful the knitting is that people all over the world are doing. Congratulations to all of you, it is so nice to check out what you are knitting and what you are knitting with.

Friday, April 20, 2007

So how did I do?

As it's the end of the stash and UFO bust-along round 1 it seems like time for a little update on progress so far.

My main aim for this project was to complete my trellis scarf which I started last May and had let languish and after that I wanted to make a sweater from a packet of blue alpaca which had been sitting in my stash for a good while without telling me what it wanted to be.

Kicked into gear by this KAL and Project Spectrum I have finished the scarf and made the Refined Raglan from last winter's IK and I love both of them.

I still have things on the needles but I'm somewhat inconstant in my project affections particularly if I have something with a deadline - hence the current obsession with a baby blanket with the baby due on May 14th. At the moment there is about 1 inch of a fairisle sock that I'm figuring the pattern out for, my pink aimee which I'm aiming to finish within April/May seeing as it matched the Project Spectrum colours, a tired roses silk scarf which I cast one while waiting for the baby blanket yarn to appear, the blanket itself and I'm about to cast on a pair of socks for my husband!

However, in addition to the two main projects I have also made a mitten and hat set, 4 pairs of socks for me and 4 pairs of socks for a friend's bookbooksecret. All of that (apart from the test socks) came from stash yarn and I had made quite an indent into the stash....

.... I say had because whilst I was very good during the stashbustalong with my only yarn purchase being the baby cashmerino for the blankets, both of which are gifts, and that was a purchase on 14th April, I have been on a yarn binge over the last two days and there is now quite a bit of sock yarn either in my house or on its way to my house!!

I think to continue this forward I will continue to focus on what I have in the stash in terms of lined up projects but I would like to be able to buy yarn for a number of projects that I have in mind for over the summer, perhaps one at a time though!

I've really loved seeing everyone's projects over the past few months and I hope that aspect of this blog continues even if our credit cards get a little more exercise than of late! Plus there's a wonderful sense of community from reading a certain blog, spotting a picture and thinking "I know that sweater!" - full credit to Cece for (a) finishing marmalade and (b) being featured by a knitting legend!

My new yarn...

I am so proud of myself - this is all the yarn that I purchased after my three month stint of no yarn purchasing. The whole yarn buying experince was bad - there are more details on my blog - but lets just say that there is a LYS that I will not be returning to, even when my stash is of manageable size... Although, on the upside, it is just more re-inforcement, that I should be knitting from my stash... Hopefully, there will be a FO posting from me soon...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bustalong wrap-up

The good: I finished my two UFOs that were my goal objects. I also finished several projects that were not part of the "goal", and finished some charity knitting hats while stashbusting 4 balls of fun fur. I also started a pair of socks, which is good since my sock yarn stash is growing but my handknit sock pile has not been.

The bad: I bought yarn once.

The ugly (but pretty!): I received yarn and won 3 contests (yay! I don't regret this at all), all adding to stash, for a net gain in stash size.

Overall, this KAL has helped me stay focused, and for that I am thankful. After spending megabucks on yarn yesterday and today (oops), I'm ready for another round of bustalong-ing.

More details here.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm Back!

I'm back from my vacation! Sock Camp was AWESOME. And I did (as expected) fall off the non-yarn buying bandwagon...but for Socks the Rock MILL ENDS people! MILL ENDS!

I digress. I will post pictures and everything tonight, and Amanda and I will figure out the winners from this round, and the timeline to start the next.

Can everyone post the number of FOs and their success (or lack of) with not buying yarn!?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Afghan complete!

After weeks of endless knitting, I have finished the afghan. I'm really glad I belong to this bustalong, because I can't post it on my own blog yet, since it's a wedding gift for my brother!

Project Details: Reversibly Cabled Afghan by Lily Chin
Yarn: Wool Pak Yarn, 7 balls
Needles: Denise Interchangeables, sizes 10 & 8
Finished Size: 4 1/2 feet by 6 feet
Notes: I have actually knit this blankie before, for Cece! It was a wedding gift that time, too. I usually don't like cables on items where you can see the 'wrong side', but on this blanket, it is reversible! This means that the whole thing is ribbed, which gets tiresome at times, but the end result is great. I would certainly recommend it.

Friday, April 13, 2007

FO #2: Aran baby sweater

Aran baby sweaterI finally finished my Aran baby sweater this weekend, thanks to this bustalong! I would not have finished these two baby sweaters without having set these goals and the target date! I was working on the sweater while the Sweetie was doing the taxes.

Read about it here.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Only three more days!

I have been knitting away at a large afghan to give my brother as a wedding gift, and have been neglecting ufo's. And, I am pleased to announce that I absolutely followed the rules thus far in the bustalong! I did buy yarn a couple of times for specific gifts that had to be done and for a project I was getting paid to do, but other than that, I resisted any and all urges to buy yarn.
Ooh, and, there is someone out there who has written a tutorial for how to use up leftover sock yarn: Shelly Kang. The example is under the title: "Blankie Friday: The Reckoning". Evidently, the Yarn Harlot challenged her readers to inundate Shelly with sock yarn leftovers. At some point, I might have to challenge people to send ME sock yarn leftovers, but not until I get to that particular project, eh?
Once Cece gets back from Camp Cockamamie, I think it will be time to discuss whether/ how we want to continue this fun and awesome knitalong. This has been very inspiring and wonderful. I have relearned to enjoy going through the stash and thinking of things I want to make, rather than wasting my money on more yarn I don't need. Hooray!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Toe-up socks

Toe-up socks
Originally uploaded by knitswithasilentk.
I've made some progress on sock yarn from stash. More about these socks here.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

A couple of FOs

I'm so happy to have finished what I'm calling the Green Bean socks! My BF loves them and claims that they are perfect (which is much better than my last knitting attempt for him)! While not technically stash busting as they are made from gorgeous yarn hand dyed and sent to me by my SP8 partner last month, they are an FO all the same and really, if I hadn't made them, the yarn would have been increasing rather than decreasing my stash so here I present to you Green Beans:

My other little FO is my cell phone cozy that was definately using up some scraps from my stash. I think it's kind of cute and it really helps when I'm trying to locate my phone in the deep dark depths of my purse that I forgot to put a pocket in the lining of! This week's goal is to finish my "Monkey Socks". I'm just about to turn the heel on the second sock, and given that they are the fastest socks to knit ever it shouldn't be too hard to get them done!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A getting toward the end post...

I am so thrilled with this stash bust-along!! It has changed my yarn purchasing life!! I love that I plan projects around the multitudes of yarn that I already own! It doesn't mean that there is not a list of yarn - three projects really and one secret pal gift- for April 16th. But I am excited to get back on and keep knitting from my stash! This bust-along has helped me to realize there will always be a more beautiful yarn out there, which doesn't mean that I need to own it. Instead it means that when I have a project for said yarn, something beautiful will be available! Also, it has taught me to think before I purchase, since there are a lot of yarns that I love, but will never knit with, don't like how they look or feel knitted and should not purchase just because they look pretty in their hank.

I have finished 32 projects since the beginning of the year - a lot of them are hats for commision or for sale, but all the WIPs that I started with are finished. There is one exception of the Hush Hush dress because I got half way through, and had to re-start it with different yarn, but I should be mostly done with that by April 15th. I have used or gifted about 70 balls of yarn at last count - yipee!! I still have a long ways to go... Off my big list of 25 projects, there are five totally finished and three on my needles right now, so about 1/3 of the way there and nothing more added to that list, yet. Finally, I have cut down my on the needles projects from a standard of 9-12 at any given time to a max of 4 (possibly 5 with my errand project). It feels so good to start projects and finish them in a time frame where I am still excited about them!

I love that this bust along was not judgemental and not too structured. It made it easier for me to learn the lessons that I obviously needed to learn. I will be stash busting at least through the end of the year. Although, I will not miss another sale like the one again. But the next time one of those comes up, there is room in my bins, so I will feel good about my bargains!! Thanks Ladies, I appreciate the support, and the lessons learned!!
I'm a pretty slow knitter, but I guess I compensate by knitting small things. I haven't started any of the bigger projects that I'd been hoping to, but I'm making my way slowly through some stash.

This, of course, is branching out, which hasn't made it onto my blog yet b/c it's a present for my SP. I had a ball of Jaeger Silk which I rescued from a LYS closing sale in my pre-thoughtful-stash-building days. It's absolutely lovely to work with, so I won't scold myself too much for succumbing to it.

I've cast on for Ella, which I might actually come close to finishing by April 15, given that I'm on break right now. We'll see! In terms of my stash busting success...well, I haven't had much. 9 FO's, I believe, counting this one, and all of them have been relatively small (although the convertible mittens were time-consuming). The greatest danger to my efforts was the yarn sale page over at knittyboard. Am I weak for planning to take a long look at it on April 16? ;)

Friday, March 30, 2007

Nearing the end....

So - how many people do we still have with us? And how many want to keep on going?

I, for one, know that this 3 month period has been long enough to make it a way of life. I think it was all of 10 days into the Bustalong, when I was SORELY tempted to buy some lace weight hand painted silk yarn. Ahhhh it was SO wonderful. But I didn't. And since then, haven't been tempted with anymore impulse buys. Although, I did sign up for Sundara's Yarn continuation of the Petal's collection SOTM. And, I did buy gift yarn for my mom - she requested a very specific color yarn for an Easter shawl (which I completed today - go look).

I also got a bunch of FO's out of my stash (a hat for Dullan, 2 quilts for Dulaan, fun fur hats, the Bejewled scarf, the entralac bag, a baby sweater) and some UFO's completed (that damn Marmalade jacket, the never ending sweater for my Aunt, Mom's Birthday Sweater, the Urban Bubble Scarf, the waterfall scarf, some baby socks and other baby items)... and got some old UFO's back into 'knitting rotation'. This has been fun!

Did anyone else kind of compensate in the first month by buying a bunch of books and patterns? I know I did - but they were all things I had been wanting for a while - and have honestly found projects to knit out of my stash for each.

Anyway - just rambling at this point... but I am planning on keeping this effort going for at least another 3 months. Although prizes will be offered as promised for these first 3 months!!! Anyone interested? I'm going to think that all of us who continue on will get a 'free day' where they can go buy yarn that they have been putting off for a while... but otherwise, the rules stay as they were.

Any takers???

I'd also love to see some more 'Bustalong Round Up' posts.... By my count, I have 15 FO's - 3 of them sweaters! What about you all!?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

A new HAT

Again from stash and to match my mittens - check out my blog for more details - yippee from the warm and cosily-clad Carie

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Creative way to stashbust ;)

I busted about 8 skeins free from my stash by taking a humungo bag of lamb's pride superwash to my daughter's Girl Scout troop and getting them started on knitting a Beanie Baby blanket (you know, a swatch ROFL). They each picked a skein of yarn that they liked (I had a rainbow of colors in the bag), and I taught them to cast on and then knit every row. I quickly showed them how to cast-off too, although that may need a refresher lesson once their blankies are done.

It was really cool to watch them figure out how to knit - with their different personalities shining through. Some knit loosey-goosey, some more controlled and tight; All figured it out.

My daughter has picked up her knitting since then a few times - I tried to teach her about 2 years ago, but it frustrated her.

At a previous meeting, they had made their knitting needles - by sharpening and sanding sticks (recycled from chicken-on-a-stick from Friendly's I believe ROFL), and making Fimo-clay characters for the end.

Gotta love the enabling process - and my stash is a little lighter to boot!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My knitting can't keep up with the seasons

I did finish a quick scarf for my fiance, but this being the first day of spring, I'm not sure it'll get much use. I followed the Child's Rainbow Scarf pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It's really simple but uses self-striping yarn really well. I'm pleased with it.

I also finished an earflap hat for myself out of some Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky in my stash. Not a huge project, but a relative stashbuster given that I used leftover yarn for the pom pom and ties. I think it's cute.

More details on my blog. Would it be silly to keep going with the mittens and hats? I feel like it would be a good idea while I still feel the desire to make them!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

the ugly one is finished

So this ugly blue acrylic scarf is done!! Finished, leaving my life - woot!! Its my second oldest UFO and the last of my original stack of 12 ufo's to be finished. I am now free of the ball and chains... and I am managing to keep only 3-4 projects on the needles at once, instead of 9 or 12... so now I actually feel great when I start and finish a project in no time!!

Case in point, the dashing gloves from the last knitty. Made out of undyed llama, alpaca and merino and handspun by a local woman! The yarn is gorgeous, the pattern was quick easy and fun and I am down three more balls of alpaca! stash yarn!!
I still have not caved and purchased yarn, but I do have a list of things that I really want for my free day on April 16th.... oh, and a couple things that I will buy for my swap partners ;-)

Happy Knitting!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

More stash gone

I have been busy knitting slowly away at my stash. I have completed a hat and scarf in a mauve boucle yarn which is going to the Knit4charities March charity. I have completed a black and white scarf in a black/white chunky yarn combined with black/white ostrich type yarn which will be on sale at the May sale at Ribbonwood centre, also for that sale is a brown Bamboo/Wool yarn, it was nice and easy to knit.

The other item I have done is a pink dishcloth with a heart pattern, this is for the SNB exhibition in April.
My ambitious project for the SNB exhibition in April is a Christening gown in 2ply pure wool, I have not long started that and only have knitted about 4 inches so far.
I have also done a few more pattern repeats on the blanket for #2 son.

I'm a UFO Goddess

I finished my sweater. It has been in the works since Dec 2005.

Go look! Leave me comments! I'm SO PROUD of myself for finishing this damn thing!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

More socks

Another pair again from Stash - this time in Opal 6-ply that H gave me for Christmas - very snuggly!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

FO: The Mason Dixon Baby Bib

You see that there blue baby bib? Well, my friend Gwenie Gwen knit him up using a ball of Bernat Cottontots I gave her from my stash. :) Thank you very much, Gwen for helping me destash yet again.

*ehem* I have to confess that I have been a very, very bad yarn dieter and have purchased like a billion balls of the good stuff from Little Knits and Webs lately. OH MY GAWD! I went a lotta insane! I won't even divulge the fiber goodness I have acquired...YES I WILL!

Let's see:

I got Noro Silk Garden, Debbie Bliss Cotton DK, Kona Bay Cotton, Muench Sir Galli, SWTC Bamboo and Lane Borgosesia Baruffa Cashwool. PHEW! I won't even tell you how many BAGS of each I bought. It's scary and I'm still in denial about the whole thing, but I have such a HIGH from the CHA CHING! *ehem*

Anywho, there you have it...another FO from a friend. YEAH!

FO: The Simple Eyelet Washcloth

OH MY GAWD! I FINISHED SOMETHING! It's a frickin' miracle I tell you! Throw another FO on the barbie, mate! Extra bonus and a gold star for using my stash! *bows deeply*

I call her the "Simple Eyelet Washcloth" taken from the Lion Brand Stitchfinder library.

Knit using 3/4 of a ball of Lily Sugar & Cream in White on US 10 with a 44 stitch cast on.

Approximate size before washing is 12" x 12" square. It'll shrink down to about 7" x 7" after washing. Something to keep in mind when dealing with cotton....the shrinkage factor.

Check out the difference in size between my newly finished Simple Eyelet and the Ruggles Turkish Washcloth I did back in October! *geez*

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oh no....

I caved. I folded like a cheap shirt. Darn it. In a moment of weakness... (I'm sure you've all had them at 6:30 am before) I ordered a bag of bamboo yarn. How could I resist? At $42.50 a bag? I'm so ashamed (sort of - I mean really, it's too nice to be feeling that badly and really I'm saving myself a bundle of money in the end!)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A refined raglan finished

terrible photo I know but proof that I no longer have 10 balls of blue alpaca in my stash - I have a sweater in my wardrobe (well mostly I've been wearing it since it was finished as it is just wonderfully warm and cozy - perfect for early spring days where you don't want to wear a coat!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

still busting along...

I haven't fallen off the wagon yet (although there have been some very near misses, like the sales on Little Knits, and the bamboo yarn on sale by the bag)--unless you count the stuff I bought for my SPs. I have to say, it feels like cheating--buying pretty yarn without plans on how to use it, and then putting it in the drawer (or envelope), never to be seen again! ;)

I have managed to knit a couple of things in the interim. I finished the convertible glove / mittens (aka Urban Necessity) after hesitating over the mitten caps. In the end, I decided to abandon the pattern and use mirrored decreases (ssk / k2tog) from the end of my 5th finger until my fingertips, then k2tog around until I had 5 stitches left.

I liked this pattern more than Broad Street from knitty--it was just easier for me to understand. I used DK yarn (Karabella Majestic) instead of the called-for Cascade 220, and I think it turned out well...not too bulky.

I also busted through some of the DK cotton in my stash, originally slated for Sheldon. I discovered I didn't have nearly enough, so turned it into simple, quick dischcloths.

More details on the blog!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Check out my latest FOs and a WIP

Hi all! So, it just took me forever to post all my pics of my FOs on my own blog so I'm not going to try to do it all again here! But if you're interested you can head over to my blog, Praire Girl Knits, to see what I've been up to lately!

Happy Stash Busting!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

FO: Stripy baby blanket.

I've been making - and neglecting - this baby blanket for months & months, but recently I took control and at last it's finished. Couple of pics:

I procrastinated for ages towards the end because there was so much post-production: millions of ends to weave in, and blocking it was an adventure in itself. Anyway, I'm delighted that it's now a FO and I'm free to move the next knitting project up the list.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Some Shiny New Socks!

I whipped up these babies from the latest installment from the Sundara Yarns Petals Collection sock of the month club! The colorway is named "Bird of Paradise", and it is cheery and bright. Not what I would necessarily pick out for myself, but that is part of the fun to me- to be challenged by new colors and new patterns. The pattern for this one was pretty simple; a slip stitch rib made it a pretty mellow project. I am wearing them RIGHT NOW.

No longer U, an FO: Baby Bolero

This is the first of two red baby sweaters that are my designated UFOs. Yay! I also cast on for socks for myself this weekend, from my sock yarn stash.

Project details here.

In light of my falling off, I've decided to match my indiscretion with a donation to MSF. I wanted the penance for falling off the wagon to be significant, so that it was a disincentive.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

A finished object, and it's a big one!

Yep, there it is in all it's glory. The first pici is lighter than true life but lets you see the details a bit better.

This pici is a bit too dark, but you have the rare honour of seeing Mo Cuirdh, our older cat.

My friends call her my invisible cat because she is never seen when they come over. To be honest, she's not seen much when it's just hubby and I at home. She's lived with us for 13 years and is still a bit skittish. When it's all nice and quiet late in the evening she comes out for some lovin'. I'm not really sure what brought her out on a Sunday afternoon but there she is. :)

In honour of finishing an old UFO I'm going to cast on a new project tonight. I want a nice spring pullover and I'm gonna make one darn it, from stash yarn! I want to give the new 5mm Knitpicks needle a good run for it's money and be sure that a whole set of them is a good idea. Look at me, showing restraint and all! Boo ya!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm doing okay!

So far, not slips outside of the rules. I've only bought yarn using the Elann credit that I came into this insanity with! Other than using the credit, I have not bought yarn in over 2 months. That is a record since I started this fibre collecting. And let's be honest, it is collecting. I have stuff in the stash that I WILL not knit with because it is so beautiful that I'm sure my knitting will not do it justice. Does anyone else have stuff like that?

I completed a UFO sweater this week but I want to wash and block it out before I unveil it. I'm also having a Knit for Dulaan contest over at my blog if y'all wanna use up some stash! ;)

I'm off to the couch to work on a crocheted afghan that I started 2 years ago! Crazy making I tell you, crazy making! Knowing that I need to report progress over here has gone a long way to keeping me honest! :)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Who's Still On The Wagon?

So, there have been a few people who have had a few yarn purchasing slips - here - take my hand and I'll pull you on back up! So how many of us have slipped and broken the rules, and who is still up here with me? I am actually enjoying this little adventure- it is making me actually remember what I have in my stash, and my imagination is sparked every time I dive back in - what will I make next? What could I do with this weird assortment of leftovers? To be honest, I think it will change how I think about buying yarn, and I'll remember to 'shop' at home before going and buying new yarn.
But maybe that's just me... is anyone having insane thoughts of continuing this after the 15th? I just might! Am I the only one? Please tell me I'm not the only nutjob out there...


I am so excited, today I was looking for contest prizes for the gift exchange I am hosting and I could see a noticable difference in my stash. I am not allowing myself to purchase yarn for my pal or the exchange prizes, so I have to shop in the 1200+ skeins that I already own until this is over April 15th. I have finished 15 projects since this began; yarn is no longer creeping out from under the bed, my trash can can almost fit under my nightstand without balls of yarn accidently dropping in, and my yarn shelf at work is noticably slimmer. It is actually decreasing!! I have finished all my UFO's that I started with, except for one. I am going to pick it back up next week and finish it (it's close to being done!). I will be down to only 4 projects on my needles - two big, two small. Amazing, this stash busting thing really works! Thanks for being inspirational and motivating me to do the projects that I thought were cool months ago :) and thankfully, still like!!

I didn't write in on my comment to Amanda, but I have not caved and purchased yarn yet - that is not to say that I haven't been close - or that there's not a list in my head of purchases that I am dying to make on the 16th of April... cuz there is - but in my warped way, I only get to reward myself with the purchases, if I stay strong through the whole bust-a-long!

Fell off!

Heart stolen by some cotton-silk blend yarn with beautiful eyes. Sordid details here.

Warning: post links to some very cheap reasonably priced yarn. View with caution.

Monday, February 26, 2007

49 finished objects!

Okay, so I cheated a little and the FO's don't count toward the stash bustalong... I also make jewelry and have taken a brief hiatus from knitting to make a bunch of pieces for a museum gift shop near where I live. Here are a couple of shots:
I am super psyched with how both the jewelry and the display turned out... I made the display, too! I totally love glue guns and faux finish spray paint- two new finds for me!
I also finally joined etsy- check out my store and let me know what you think!
I love all the FO's on this site, by the way. I look forward to visiting the Bustalong site every day!

Another FO!

This isn't a UFO, but stashbuster! I bought this kit back in 2003 at Stitches East from Knitability:

I also found two UFO's and pulled them out to work on this weekend... more details on everything over at my blog.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

doing well...

I haven't caved yet! I'm really trying to be strong. I missed out on the Pick Up Sticks final inventory of Sweet Georgia. Was too slow, and by the time I was going to order, the colours weren't what I wanted to throw off my progress on not buying yarn for. However, that being said, the spirits of knitty goodness have thrown more temptation my way by means of an email notice from Lettuce Knits letting me know that they have a new/final shipment of Sweet Georgia. Agggghhhh.... What to do.

In terms of busting my stash, I am very pleased to say that I have used four balls of wool from it in the last week! I made a little gifty for my Knitty SP8 partner, and I am making a purse. In terms of busting along my UFOs, well, let's just say, I'm not doing so well on that account. I have completely abandoned my second (well 4th if we're counting totals 'cause it's the 2nd sock of the 2nd pair) hot tamale sock, and poor ol' Samus. What to say about poor ol' Samus. I really do want to get back to it. Honestly I do. I've just somehow lost it to the bottom of the knitting basket. Maybe once my purse is finished, I'll dig it back out and just get it done once and for all!

UPDATE: Ok... it's just 4:00pm... twenty minutes later than my original post and here's what happened. I broke down and ordered Sweet Georgia's lace weight How could I not? It's so pretty. So? Now what? Anyone have any suggestions for a pattern? There's 885 yds I believe. I've never done much with lace (especially using finer wool) so suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

And another one bites the dust

More stashbusting chez Carie - this time Knitty's Curazon mittens from some wonderful alpaca I was given for Christmas. Happily I still have lots left so I'm going to make a hat to tone (rather than to match exactly) even though winter appears to have completely passed us by!
Hope you're all having fun! - Carie

Friday, February 23, 2007

The pi r square shawl

This is one of my best stash busting feats - I bought this yarn on ebay, thinking that it was worsted, not lace weight -- beware of yarn that you can't see or touch when you purchase -- of course it was only $10 for the lot. So it sat in my stash - 250g. I have wanted to make this shawl for forever!! And there we go, while trying to find a new project the two met and it was glorious. This is probably the single best learning experience I have ever had knitting - there is more on that in my blog. Better then that, I think that I have worn this everyday since I finished it, either as a scarf or a shawl.

Have a great weekend!!

Stashbusting for charity!

I finished 5 chemo caps and mailed them off to Kathleen today. What a great feeling, to clear out stash for a good cause!

For more details, click here.

For me, this is the most dangerous time for the yarn diet. I now want to buy all sorts of yarn, ignoring the fact that one of my knitting friends gave me yarn she didn't want this week, and the fact that I have numerous projects I want to make lurking in the stash. Please let me be able to hang on....

Progress - and a major relapse

Hi folks

Well, I have good and bad news to report.

The good news is, I was very responsible and set aside a dozen newly started WIPs and swatches so I could concentrate on finishing a baby blanket for my colleague, which he's been patiently awaiting for months. All that needed doing was weaving in the ends on the back, and blocking. I say 'all' - in fact, there are over 400 ends to weave, in total. I think it was the sheer scale of the job that was putting me off. So anyway, I'm feeling dead proud because I've made a start. Here'a photo of the blanket from the wrong side.

This snap shows the amount of weaving-in progress I'd made by Saturday morning last week (most of what you see here was done on the Friday night immediately before). In the week since then, I've managed to do a bit more in the evenings, after work. I'm now exactly half way around the blanket. I am going to be very assiduous this weekend and see if I can finish it off.

That was the good news - a UFO nearly finished.

Now the bad news - I'm afraid I splurged on yarn again. Returning from NY with my gorgeous yarn purchases, I leafed through patterns deciding what to make. I realised that I didn't have enough to make an adult sized sweater sweater out of any of the three new yarns I have (Tilli Tomas silk, Alchemy bamboo, Louet linen). So I ordered more. It wasn't cheap.

Gosh, it's like a confessional in here isn't it. Someone tell me to say a few Hail Marys and absolve me.


More info on the old blog:

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Progress on Baby Bolero

I've been faithfully working on my baby bolero. I have 1 1/2 sleeves to set in, and 2 sleeve seams to go!

Click here for more details.

Parade of Pics!

Well, the first two are items that just needed some fixing or seaming and finishing... this first one had a ridiculously huge neck, so I had to frog down a bit into the body (no, it was not worked in the round, and yes, this is probably why I hid it away for a year before fixing it):
This second one just needed to be seamed and needed buttons... I avoided THIS one because... well... seaming lacy knits is gross! It's the Gibson Girl Pullover from Interweave Knits Summer 2004, and here is a sneak peek of the back:

Finally, I was itching to do a NEW project after these fixes, so I remembered that the Argosy scarf from the latest Knitty called for exactly the amount of elsebeth lavold's Hempathy that I had left over from a project!
Visit ME to see more deets. Of course, happy knitting and destashing to all of you! I am home this week for February break, which is evidently a Northeastern US phenomenon... I guess it's a chance for us to fly somewhere warmer... instead, I'm at home, knitting and trying to figure out my taxes. Hmm.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Starsky is finished!

Okay, so I look a little deathly ill in the photo, but since I AM deathly ill, it's okay. I'm allowed. (Okay, fine, it's only a cold...) This sweater was one I started just before Christmas, but put it on the back burner because I was scared I was going to run out of yarn. Visit my blog for more details!


I wish I could say my UFOs were going away, but my stash is very slowly dwindling! I recently bought yarn for the first time since November, and it was 5 skeins of a gorgeous handdyed yarn on Etsy that I was worried would go away if I didn't buy it now. (Yeah, that's the ticket.)

I am so excited about Rebekah's Blanket of Hope project! I did a lot of stashbusting (and the best kind - partial skeins and leftovers!) to create 9 "squares" and I hope to finish more! Here's what I sent: