Thursday, April 12, 2007

Only three more days!

I have been knitting away at a large afghan to give my brother as a wedding gift, and have been neglecting ufo's. And, I am pleased to announce that I absolutely followed the rules thus far in the bustalong! I did buy yarn a couple of times for specific gifts that had to be done and for a project I was getting paid to do, but other than that, I resisted any and all urges to buy yarn.
Ooh, and, there is someone out there who has written a tutorial for how to use up leftover sock yarn: Shelly Kang. The example is under the title: "Blankie Friday: The Reckoning". Evidently, the Yarn Harlot challenged her readers to inundate Shelly with sock yarn leftovers. At some point, I might have to challenge people to send ME sock yarn leftovers, but not until I get to that particular project, eh?
Once Cece gets back from Camp Cockamamie, I think it will be time to discuss whether/ how we want to continue this fun and awesome knitalong. This has been very inspiring and wonderful. I have relearned to enjoy going through the stash and thinking of things I want to make, rather than wasting my money on more yarn I don't need. Hooray!

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