Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I'm a pretty slow knitter, but I guess I compensate by knitting small things. I haven't started any of the bigger projects that I'd been hoping to, but I'm making my way slowly through some stash.

This, of course, is branching out, which hasn't made it onto my blog yet b/c it's a present for my SP. I had a ball of Jaeger Silk which I rescued from a LYS closing sale in my pre-thoughtful-stash-building days. It's absolutely lovely to work with, so I won't scold myself too much for succumbing to it.

I've cast on for Ella, which I might actually come close to finishing by April 15, given that I'm on break right now. We'll see! In terms of my stash busting success...well, I haven't had much. 9 FO's, I believe, counting this one, and all of them have been relatively small (although the convertible mittens were time-consuming). The greatest danger to my efforts was the yarn sale page over at knittyboard. Am I weak for planning to take a long look at it on April 16? ;)

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