Friday, March 30, 2007

Nearing the end....

So - how many people do we still have with us? And how many want to keep on going?

I, for one, know that this 3 month period has been long enough to make it a way of life. I think it was all of 10 days into the Bustalong, when I was SORELY tempted to buy some lace weight hand painted silk yarn. Ahhhh it was SO wonderful. But I didn't. And since then, haven't been tempted with anymore impulse buys. Although, I did sign up for Sundara's Yarn continuation of the Petal's collection SOTM. And, I did buy gift yarn for my mom - she requested a very specific color yarn for an Easter shawl (which I completed today - go look).

I also got a bunch of FO's out of my stash (a hat for Dullan, 2 quilts for Dulaan, fun fur hats, the Bejewled scarf, the entralac bag, a baby sweater) and some UFO's completed (that damn Marmalade jacket, the never ending sweater for my Aunt, Mom's Birthday Sweater, the Urban Bubble Scarf, the waterfall scarf, some baby socks and other baby items)... and got some old UFO's back into 'knitting rotation'. This has been fun!

Did anyone else kind of compensate in the first month by buying a bunch of books and patterns? I know I did - but they were all things I had been wanting for a while - and have honestly found projects to knit out of my stash for each.

Anyway - just rambling at this point... but I am planning on keeping this effort going for at least another 3 months. Although prizes will be offered as promised for these first 3 months!!! Anyone interested? I'm going to think that all of us who continue on will get a 'free day' where they can go buy yarn that they have been putting off for a while... but otherwise, the rules stay as they were.

Any takers???

I'd also love to see some more 'Bustalong Round Up' posts.... By my count, I have 15 FO's - 3 of them sweaters! What about you all!?


Sara Skates said...

Count me in - especially if there's even one day to shop for yarn!!!

sunneshine said...

Yep, I am still here and still yarn free... I was trying to count the used/gifted skeins and I am down over 50 - maybe even 100 but I think that's a little optimistic... I am still going to go forward, I am considering this a new lifestyle, shop at home first... I do however have a list started for the 16th, all associated with the projects that I am planning for summer knitting... I look forward to continuing, thanks for continuing hosting!!

tammy said...

So far, so good. What I like the best is that this has really made me think about yarn and not just the acquisition of the yarn. Yes, it's nice, but will I actually use it?

It's good, and I'm using up stash and getting things completed and that is definitely good.

I'm going to continue, to November at least.

Beth said...

Any chance you'd add a new member if you keep on going, or is it too late?

Kim said...

I would gladly continue, with at least one day (only one?) off. I will be working on finishing my other UFO for the challenge this week and next, but designating a UFO or two for each 3-month period really keeps you focused on also working on UFOs.

And yes, I have bought substantially in the tools (markers, dpn holders) and patterns (books, single sheet patterns) categories.