Saturday, March 10, 2007

still busting along...

I haven't fallen off the wagon yet (although there have been some very near misses, like the sales on Little Knits, and the bamboo yarn on sale by the bag)--unless you count the stuff I bought for my SPs. I have to say, it feels like cheating--buying pretty yarn without plans on how to use it, and then putting it in the drawer (or envelope), never to be seen again! ;)

I have managed to knit a couple of things in the interim. I finished the convertible glove / mittens (aka Urban Necessity) after hesitating over the mitten caps. In the end, I decided to abandon the pattern and use mirrored decreases (ssk / k2tog) from the end of my 5th finger until my fingertips, then k2tog around until I had 5 stitches left.

I liked this pattern more than Broad Street from knitty--it was just easier for me to understand. I used DK yarn (Karabella Majestic) instead of the called-for Cascade 220, and I think it turned out well...not too bulky.

I also busted through some of the DK cotton in my stash, originally slated for Sheldon. I discovered I didn't have nearly enough, so turned it into simple, quick dischcloths.

More details on the blog!

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