Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A getting toward the end post...

I am so thrilled with this stash bust-along!! It has changed my yarn purchasing life!! I love that I plan projects around the multitudes of yarn that I already own! It doesn't mean that there is not a list of yarn - three projects really and one secret pal gift- for April 16th. But I am excited to get back on and keep knitting from my stash! This bust-along has helped me to realize there will always be a more beautiful yarn out there, which doesn't mean that I need to own it. Instead it means that when I have a project for said yarn, something beautiful will be available! Also, it has taught me to think before I purchase, since there are a lot of yarns that I love, but will never knit with, don't like how they look or feel knitted and should not purchase just because they look pretty in their hank.

I have finished 32 projects since the beginning of the year - a lot of them are hats for commision or for sale, but all the WIPs that I started with are finished. There is one exception of the Hush Hush dress because I got half way through, and had to re-start it with different yarn, but I should be mostly done with that by April 15th. I have used or gifted about 70 balls of yarn at last count - yipee!! I still have a long ways to go... Off my big list of 25 projects, there are five totally finished and three on my needles right now, so about 1/3 of the way there and nothing more added to that list, yet. Finally, I have cut down my on the needles projects from a standard of 9-12 at any given time to a max of 4 (possibly 5 with my errand project). It feels so good to start projects and finish them in a time frame where I am still excited about them!

I love that this bust along was not judgemental and not too structured. It made it easier for me to learn the lessons that I obviously needed to learn. I will be stash busting at least through the end of the year. Although, I will not miss another sale like the knithappens.com one again. But the next time one of those comes up, there is room in my bins, so I will feel good about my bargains!! Thanks Ladies, I appreciate the support, and the lessons learned!!

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Amanda said...

I agree... this has been a great experience. I might not be good at learning lessons, but this one (about stashbusting) is one that I took to quite quickly.