Friday, February 23, 2007

Stashbusting for charity!

I finished 5 chemo caps and mailed them off to Kathleen today. What a great feeling, to clear out stash for a good cause!

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For me, this is the most dangerous time for the yarn diet. I now want to buy all sorts of yarn, ignoring the fact that one of my knitting friends gave me yarn she didn't want this week, and the fact that I have numerous projects I want to make lurking in the stash. Please let me be able to hang on....

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Amanda said...

Nice work on the hats! When I get tempted to buy more yarn, I paw through my stash, thinking up bunches of things I could make with the yarn I already have. It's kind of like visiting a yarn store without spending money! I will occasionally come across something I forgot I had, even. Good luck resisting the urge to purchase! :)