Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's ok, Kate...

There there... don't be so hard on yourself. The only reason I haven't caved is 'cause I can't bribe anyone to buy me "gifts" of yarn. My BF refuses, my kids refuse. Sigh... So far I've been to stubborn to give in. I keep thinking I'll come up with some ingenious method.

That being said, I have shopped for yarn. I had to. It wasn't for me. Someone tell me I haven't fallen into the trap of serious withdrawl. Here's the scenario:

I am taking part in SP8 on I had to buy yarn for my partner. It's only right to do so. I am also knitting a tote for the International Tote Exchange III. I didn't have anything in the appropriate colours for my partner's wishes in my stash so I had to buy two skeins for that. Now. I feel that those should not be counted against me. However, (BF) G feels that a) by participating in the SP8, it is pretty much a given that in giving yarn, I am also going to receive yarn so therefore will not be decreasing my stash and in fact am willingly allowing new yarn to come into the fold and b) by purchasing yarn for my partner's tote, then proceeding to knit with it, I was getting a "fix", so... strike two against my goal to not buy myself yarn before April 15th. Can someone clarify that I don't need to check myself into some sort of 12 step program with these purchases?

And may I just take a brief moment to mention that it's almost doing me in not to order up at least one more skein of Sweet Georgia before she goes on hiatus?

In terms of FOs this week... well I don't have any other than the tote to report and it's not completely an FO yet, because it's still in the washing machine being felted.


SaraSkates said...

ROFL - go back and read the 'rules' - I think you're safe. I'd even say on the Sweet Georgia front - wasn't there a clause re buying stuff that you'd otherwise not have the chance to buy????

prairiegirl said...

Well, I re-read the rules, and saraskates, I believe, by golly you are right! There is definately a loop hole there. I've even finally almost convince (BF) G that it's acceptable to take advantage of said loop hole in this case. YEY!!!!!!!!!!