Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm doing okay!

So far, not slips outside of the rules. I've only bought yarn using the Elann credit that I came into this insanity with! Other than using the credit, I have not bought yarn in over 2 months. That is a record since I started this fibre collecting. And let's be honest, it is collecting. I have stuff in the stash that I WILL not knit with because it is so beautiful that I'm sure my knitting will not do it justice. Does anyone else have stuff like that?

I completed a UFO sweater this week but I want to wash and block it out before I unveil it. I'm also having a Knit for Dulaan contest over at my blog if y'all wanna use up some stash! ;)

I'm off to the couch to work on a crocheted afghan that I started 2 years ago! Crazy making I tell you, crazy making! Knowing that I need to report progress over here has gone a long way to keeping me honest! :)

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