Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Parade of Pics!

Well, the first two are items that just needed some fixing or seaming and finishing... this first one had a ridiculously huge neck, so I had to frog down a bit into the body (no, it was not worked in the round, and yes, this is probably why I hid it away for a year before fixing it):
This second one just needed to be seamed and needed buttons... I avoided THIS one because... well... seaming lacy knits is gross! It's the Gibson Girl Pullover from Interweave Knits Summer 2004, and here is a sneak peek of the back:

Finally, I was itching to do a NEW project after these fixes, so I remembered that the Argosy scarf from the latest Knitty called for exactly the amount of elsebeth lavold's Hempathy that I had left over from a project!
Visit ME to see more deets. Of course, happy knitting and destashing to all of you! I am home this week for February break, which is evidently a Northeastern US phenomenon... I guess it's a chance for us to fly somewhere warmer... instead, I'm at home, knitting and trying to figure out my taxes. Hmm.

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Kim said...

I love your detail photo of the Gibson Girl sweater neck and buttons. So classic!