Monday, May 7, 2007

Hey gang!

Sorry I've been so quiet... things have just been really busy!

Since the end of Round 1, I've bought myself a Bohus Kit! But honestly, no other yarn was bought. I kind of decided in my head that I'd start again at the beginning of May, but with a different focus. Since it's summer, and I have a HUGE amount of sock yarn... I went into my stash and dug out the primo bits. I have a bunch of Lorna's Laces, STR, Sweet Georgia and other wonderful hand dyed yarn..... and since it's so little, I tend to just let it sit there. I'm a member of 2 SOTM clubs - so I get my sock knitting fix off of those, and rarely pull sock yarn out of my stash.

I decided that I'm entering my Sock Era. I found 17 wonderful skeins of sock yarn, and that is what I'm knitting. I'm hoping to do a pair a week - which will bring me all of the way through the summer. I'll have the perfect summer knitting projects AND a wonderful new sock wardrobe for the fall.

Oh yeah - and my husband mentioned when he read this declaration on my blog that I could NEVER knit that many socks in 20 weeks, let alone 17 (because I've gotten on a work out kick - I've been working out about 10 times a week). I vow right here to NOT give up on working out, but also to definitely have 17 pairs of socks done in the next 20 weeks.

Anyone in with me? That brings us from May 1st to Sept 15th. You obviously don't need to do the crazy sock knitting, but continuing on with the stashbusting...

And I'm thinking a free yarn buying day thrown in there for 'souvenir' yarn during those summer trips.


sunneshine said...

I am in for another round!! I just gave away 10 skeins in various swaps, and donated another 15 skeins to make room for the new yarn. I am not sure about the sock a week - but you never know... I am looking forward to using up more stash!!

Ruby Girl said...

Seeing as it ends on my birthday how could I not go another round and with a good ebay buy last week of some pure wool I think it will get me through until then and maybe I just might reach my own goal of knitting all my stash by the end of this year.

Cece said...

Great - let's keep it up!